500ml Scylla Snow Foam


Scylla is a perfect pre-wash, which will add a thick layer of snow foam to your cars’ exterior to lift any unwanted grime and dirt.

The biodegradable formula safely and effectively lifts dirt and grime off all exterior surfaces without stripping sealant or wax protection, and can also be used as a normal car wash shampoo as and when the need arises.

Directions for use:

Add 100ml to your foam lance bottle and then top up with water, or dilute to suit your choice of foam system. Leave to dwell and then rinse off with a pressurised washer. Scylla can also used with a pump sprayer. Scylla also has a nice minty fresh scent!

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    used this for the first time 100ml topped up to make 1 litre in a lance bottle.Excellent clinging ability of a super rich shaving foam consistency. i let it dwell for 7 minutes and it lifted 95% of the dirt off the car which was very dusty. An excellent product well worth it.

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